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To book a VIP lounge please contact:

+ 7(86141) 99-037
stand-alone building

to the left of the main terminal building

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The Sochi airport VIP terminal is located in a stand-alone building to the left of the main terminal building.

Passengers can go through all pre-flight formalities in the VIP terminal, including check-in and pre-flight inspection. Transportation to the aircraft is by special vehicles, Mercedes Benz RUS limos.

There are rooms in the terminal specially outfitted for business and official meetings, as well as an internet zone equipped with PCs and a printer. Also, the VIP terminal houses a lounging area designed for 80 persons. The Grand Hotel and SPA Rodina catering company provides excellent services.

The territory around the terminal has parking space for 36 cars. Entry to the VIP area is independent and unconnected to the general access roads of the Sochi airport.

In the process of VIP terminal building design, the needs of passengers with limited and reduced mobility were taken into account.

Servicing of passengers in the Sochi airport VIP terminal is carried out on the basis of either an agreement or a request, and payment is made either in cash.

Services price list

  • Cost for one passenger: 13,000 rubles.
  • Cost of concierge service per passenger (departures/arrivals): 2,000 rubles.
  • Cost of a suite in VIP terminal: 8,000 rubles per hour.
  • Children under 2 years of age are not charged. Children from 2 to 12 years are charged 50% of the price established for an adult passenger.

To request VIP terminal services please call:
+7 (862) 240-00-75, +7(862) 249-76-42
or fax: +7 (862) 240-47-68

VIP-terminal card for premium passengers

Sochi International Airport is delighted to offer you a new loyalty program designed for frequent flyers that use the VIP terminal: a Special Guest Card.

The card comes with an unlimited number of visits to the VIP terminal within a year. You can purchase the card at Sochi airport VIP terminal. You can obtain additional information by calling our administrator: +7 (862) 240 0075.

To book a CIP lounge please contact:

+ 7(86141) 99-037




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A comfortable lounge for business class passengers is located in the new Sochi airport terminal building, on the second floor of Sector B.

Passenger and baggage check-in is carried out at special check-in counters in sectors ‘B’ and ‘C’. Business class passengers receive boarding passes, and their hold baggage is marked by special tags and loaded to the aircraft separately from other passengers’ hold baggage.

Pre-flight inspection is carried out at a separate station of aviation security services. International flight passengers are offered the possibility of customs clearance and passport control.

The CIP lounge offers everything you need for a pleasant trip:

  • free buffet with the possibility of buying extra meals and drinks;
  • internet zone;
  • Russian- and English-language newspapers and magazines;
  • satellite TV;
  • showers;
  • nursery;

Business class passengers are invited for boarding on an individual basis. They are transported to the aircraft using passenger boarding bridge. If there are vacant seats available, economy class passengers may use the services provided by the business lounge. In order to get there, they can address the CIP lounge supervisor after check-in and preflight inspection procedure.

Services price list

Cost per passenger 3,200 rubles.

To learn more about the CIP lounge operation please contact:
Domestic flights: +7 (8622) 49-77-57
International flights: +7 (8622) 49-77-48