For passengers with reduced mobility

First aid facility phone:

+7 (8622) 249-77-86

Sochi international airport provides conveniences for the passengers with reduced mobility:

  • The terminal is equipped with the equipment, facilitating access to the check-in and departure areas, which may be independently used by the passengers with reduced mobility.
  • At the request of a wheelchair passenger, the passenger service agent will help the passenger check-in his/her ticket and baggage, get to the departure area, and board the aircraft. Upon arrival of a passenger with reduced mobility, a passenger service agent will meet such a passenger at the aircraft and accompany the passenger to the baggage claim area, help him/her claim the luggage and further accompany to the terminal exit.
  • If necessary, a passenger with reduced mobility may use an ambulift for disembarkation / boarding.
  • At the airport first aid facility, the passengers with reduced mobility may be advised of their ability to fly, get first aid, as well as stay in the facility within two hours before departure.
  • If the passengers wishes to check-in for the flight on his/her own, he/she may check-in at a dedicated check-in counter, marked with a special sign. The preflight security checkpoint has a dedicated entrance for the passengers with reduced mobility, marked with a respective sign.
  • The terminal is equipped with an elevator to descend to the gates located on the first floor. The passengers with reduced mobility may use this elevator on their own.
  • Specially equipped WCs for the passengers with reduced mobility are located on all floors of the terminal.
  • The car parking for passengers with reduced mobility is free of charge subject to availability of a respective certificate. Please apply to the parking controller at the information desk.

First aid facility phone: +7 (8622) 49-77-73

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