For investors

The Krasnodar International Airport development project provides for two stages. As a result of the first stage's implementation, a capacity increase of the international and domestic terminals of the existing airport terminal city was achieved.

Stage Two of the project consists of three steps and provides for construction of a new terminal building.

With step one, plans are to construct a terminal building with total floor space of 50 ,000 – to 54 ,000 sq m. The international sector's capacity will amount to around 900 pax per hour; the capacity of the domestic sector, about 2 ,400 pax per hour. Basel Aero plans to invest around RUB10 Bln, with its own and attracted funds, in the first step.

The steps two and three of the second stage provide for further development of the airport terminal and formation of a multimodal transportation hub on its basis. The planned hub will combine air, railroad, motor and electric transport, as well as include a logistics park for cargo transportation. The project contemplates operation of a major mail hub.