‘Secret Passenger’ Service Quality Assessment Program

Basel Aero airports pay considerable attention to passenger service quality. We work on a daily basis on improvement of service quality and creation of positive passenger experience.

It is very important for us to get your evaluation of our work therefore we suggest that you participate in our ‘Secret Passenger’ program.

Program conditions:

  1. In order to participate in ‘Secret Passenger’ program it is necessary to send a request for participation made in in free format to the following address: Secretpassenger@basel.aero. The request should contain the date of planned departure or arrival at Basel Aero airports and contact number or address for feedback.
  2. Following your request you will be given the relevant instructions and the task will be set.
  3. After arrival or departure the ‘secret passenger’ shall within 10 business days send to Secretpassenger@basel.aero the evaluation results, photos, videos and audio materials.
  4. The ‘secret passenger’ is not allowed to disclose the information related to his/her participation in the program and the results of service quality evaluation.
  5. The employees of Basel Aero company group are not allowed to participate in ‘Secret Passenger’ program.
  6. The results of the program will be summarized once in three months.

Bonuses for ‘secret passengers’

The winner will be awarded the certificate for free services at VIP lounges of Krasnodar, Sochi, Anapa and Gelendzhik international airports.

In order to get detailed information about the program call: (861) 21 91 688, or reach us at the address: Secretpassenger@basel.aero