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+7 (86133) 98-656

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The Left Luggage facility is located in Anapa airport departure area.

The Left Luggage facility operates in line with Anapa airport operating hours (in winter: 08:00 - 20:00, in summer: 06:00 - 22:00, without lunch break). Phone: +7 (86133) 98-656

Payment for storage of one piece of luggage shall be made for each full or partial day irrespective of the dimensions

One piece of luggage with dimensions 50×50×103

200 Rubles per day

One piece of luggage which weight exceeds 32 kg or oversized luggage (i.e. if the aggregate of the packed piece dimensions exceeds 203 cm)

250 Rubles per day

One piece of luggage with dimensions 100×100×100

450 Rubles per day

(for the purpose of the price calculation, a partial day is considered a full day.)

Please read attentively the rules of the luggage storage before drop-off.

  1. The passengers' items or baggage shall be accepted for storage in any package which ensures their safety and prevents from contamination of the other passengers' baggage and the facility equipment.
  2. Explosive, flammable, and poisonous substances, perishable food stuff, arms, money, documents, and jewelry may not be accepted for storage.
  3. Releasing individual items from the stored baggage is not allowed. Should a passenger need a part of the baggage, he/she must claim the entire baggage and then again pay for its storage.