September 20, 2015

Anapa city`s Day

1781 - Year of foundation of Anapa: the day of AnapA city is the 3-rd Sunday of September. In 2015, this date - September 20. Anapa - Russian resort city, situated on the shores of the Black Sea Anapa bay, which has long attracted people. In ancient times on Anapa was situated the Cindy colony and ancient city Sindica. In the 5th century BC Sindica was annexed to the kingdom of Bosporus. During this period, the city is called Gorgippia. In the 4th century, the city was destroyed by the tribes ready. In the 13th century originated in the Bay of Genoese fortress and trading colony Mapa. The Ottoman Empire conquered colony of Genoa in 1475, and the Turks founded the powerful fortress around which there was a village, called Anapa. In the 18th century the Russian army three times unsuccessfully to storm the city. Embed this territory to Russia was only in 1828. A year later, in Anapa, there was organized a large military hospital. Anapa becomes a city in 1846.