For investors

In September 2013, during the XII International Investment Forum Sochi-2013, Basel Aero signed an agreement with the Anapa resort city administration related to the implementation of the project for the construction of an airport terminal. The volume of investment to be attracted by Basel Aero will amount to RUB800 Mln. The new terminal is slated to handle its first passenger in 2016.

The new terminal will be a single-story building with total area of 11, 500 sq m, with up to 600 pax per hour capacity. The terminal will service domestic flights. The existing airport terminal building will be upgraded into an international terminal.

Opening of a new terminal will lead to a threefold increase in the airport terminal city area. Total area of the new airport will amount to 16, 500 sq m, and capacity in 2016 will amount to 1,100 pax per hour, a threefold increase. The new terminal will meet the most advanced technological requirements. It will use energy saving technologies and environmentally-friendly materials. The terminal building will be outfitted with cutting-edge equipment that will support the safety and comfort of passengers, as well as airport personnel, aircraft crews, and aircraft and machinery.

The experience Basel Aero gained in the process of outfitting the Sochi and Krasnodar airports with security systems will be used in Anapa.

The new approach to the operation of concessions, i.e. stores, retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, will be implemented in the terminal building. The terminal will cater to the needs of children, who are the most demanding passengers, providing them with a special playground, whereas business-class passengers will be provided with a comfortable business lounge. The terminal building will be outfitted with solar cells, thus reducing the cost of electric power for the terminal.

During the process of construction, the Anapa airport will continue to operate as usual. Neither passengers not air carriers will be inconvenienced, because construction will be carried out away from the existing terminal.